Additional Resources in the Book:
• A non-profit agency that will help you lower your credit card interest and payments. They also work with other creditors to develop a Debt Repayment Plan.

• A non-profit group that offers free on-line budget coaching and much more.

More About The Unemployment Budget – Your financial survival plan.
If you are Unemployed or money is getting tight this book is for you. Let’s face it the last thing anyone wants to do is create a budget. But when your income is slashed and your hard earned possessions are on the line you do what you need to do to survive!  Using real life stories and easy to fill in forms this book will painlessly take you through the budget process. At the end of the short book you will know how to protect your basic needs and have a plan to make it through this season of unemployment.
    • Free Bonus included: “The Crisis Budget” for when you need help today.

About Patrick Mellody
Patrick has been a volunteer Budget Coach for over 17 years. He has helped many individuals and couples create and live on a budget. After going through unemployment and extreme financial tough times Patrick learned and fine-tuned the budget process.

Patrick lives in Upstate New York with his wife Vickie. They have three married children and eight grandchildren. Patrick leads small groups through the budget process and presents his dramatic personal story, as outlined in the book, to live groups.

Contact Patrick by email at: